Modular Block Precast

Modular Block Precast


Ultrablock Modular Blocks Providing Green Solutions.... For over 25 years Ultrablock has been recognized for providing a sustainable solution to customers retaining wall needs. Standard concrete blocks are produced utilizing surplus or recycled concrete to …

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Concrete Block & Precast / Block Modular; Block Modular. 12" REG CONCRETE BLOCK. ITEM ID: 201200700000. Place your order today! 1-800-929-8228 or 651-905-1500. To request a quote or to receive additional information, 8" ROCKFACE & END CORNER BLOCK. ITEM ID: 200800700009.

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Our precast concrete retaining wall blocks play a central role in the retaining walls that we design, manufacture and install. Shea Concrete's high-performing precast concrete retaining wall systems stand tall in New England's active climate, and because of their durability, remain a …

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The MAXI-MOD modular all precast building allows for the ultimate in flexibility for your large square foot enclosure needs. Available in 20' or 30' widths and various lengths, MAXI-MOD provides you with a customizable enclosure from 500 sf up to 5,000 sf. MAXI-MOD modular buildings allow for multiple project steps to be completed at the same time.

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Gravity (PMB) Precast Modular Block retaining wall systems are structures that use the MagnumStone™ unit weight combined with gravel core infill to resist earth pressures behind and on top of the wall.

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Precast Concrete Buildings. For modular buildings for general use, the contractor will furnish a precast concrete building, which will then be pre-assembled, delivered, and placed on the owner's prepared stone foundation in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Products. MSE Systems - 5 Modular Block Wall Systems - 6 Unreinforced Modular Block Systems - 7 Reinforced Modular Block - 8 Cantilever Wall - 9 ... precast modular block systems retain the soil by virtue of their size and weight. There is typically not a need for additional soil reinforcement.

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The precast modular retaining walls shall conform to the supplier's standards as previously approved by the Department, AASHTO Specifications for prefabricated modular walls and the following:

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page 1 of 7 11/5/13 sto n e stro ng s ystems stone strong systems specifications for precast modular block retaining wall system (revised 11/5/13)

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Modular Connections, LLC offers enhanced Concrete Wall Systems to serve a variety of industry applications, including fire protection, ballistic protection, decorative screening, sound attenuation, and anti-cut anti-climb security perimeters.

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Prior to fabrication or construction of the retaining wall (precast panels) or the modular block wall, the Contractor shall submit copies of design calculations, working drawings, and material and construction specifications to the

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A. Precast modular blocks shall be Stone Strong units manufactured under license from Stone Strong LLC. B. Wall units shall conform to ASTM C1776. C. Dimension tolerances for precast modular blocks shall be +/- 1/8 inch for height, +/- 1/8

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Building Modular Prefabricated Homes with Cement. Building construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate.

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Modular Buildings My Files Here you can review each file in your Files individually, or click the Download All link, and you will receive a zip file with the entire collection.

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Modular steel-reinforced precast concrete panels can be used to build structurally sound buildings or houses of any size – large or small. These structures can be erected in a fraction of the time and expense required to build with conventional materials.

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Precast Concrete Buildings. For modular buildings for general use, the contractor will furnish a precast concrete building, which will then be pre-assembled, delivered, and placed on the owner's prepared stone foundation in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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World blocks are handsome precast modular blocks whose size and shape can be utilized in almost any type of construction. World blocks have the attractive appearance of limestone with eight square feet of face and a weight of 2,200 lbs. each.

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Use our large concrete blocks to create modular, imaginative structures, saving money over traditional methods. Material Containment Bins Use our large concrete blocks to create versatile material containment bins, featuring quick, easy installation at a cost value.

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A Modular Precast Concrete Building System ... At the heart of our method of construction is a patented precast, reinforced, lightweight concrete wall panel. Each panel is formed with a channel steel frame which becomes an integral part of the concrete panel and provides much of the structural integrity of the wall system. ... Judge Blocks ...


Eliminate Inspections, Fines and Cumbersome Storage Issues with a Concrete Modular Systems Prefab Building Get the building you need, where and when you need it -- cost effectively! T oday's business climate can be very challenging.

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Unique retaining walls. The MODBLOC technology is based on modular concrete blocks with facing panels in natural stone or precast concrete. Every wall look different thanks to the unlimited technical and design possibilities.

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precast concrete modular block (PMB) retaining wall with or without geosynthetic reinforcement. Precast modular block retaining wall blocks under this section shall be cast utilizing a wet-cast concrete mix and exhibit a final handling weight in excess of 1,000 pounds (450 kg) per unit.

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The Cranesville Landscape Block ™ is the perfect building solution for your home or industrial project. Smaller than the barrier block, the base piece measures 2' x 2' x 4' wide and is tapered, allowing walls an outside radius of 18 feet. The easy to install product is well-designed with a limestone texture and rebar liftpoint.

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How to Choose Modular Concrete Block. ... Shopping for modular block can be confusing because of the many colors, textures, shapes, styles and stacking systems available. This article will help you sort through your options and discuss what you need to know before you shop so you can buy the right block for your garden or retaining wall.

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Doublewal is a proven reliable, low-cost, gravity retaining wall system capable of large heights and long lengths. Fast, safe, simple erection procedures require minimal manpower, and the system's remarkable building-block concept - with its interlocking design - assures that each module will quickly self-align, as …

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This Best Practices Manual is intended to provide general information on wet-cast precast modular block retaining walls and provide guidance in the proper installation. This manual includes the basics of wall construction and presents many details encountered in site

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Ultrablock concrete blocks are engineered and designed to build segmental modular block retaining walls. In addition to retaining wall blocks, these units are also recommended and utilized for all types of slope protection, landslide repairs, crib-wall alternatives, gabions, rock/boulder walls and timber lagging.

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RockCast's Architectural Cast Stone Series (wet method) is ideal for areas that have excessive surface wear, as well as for structural window heads, longer sills/copings, panels, one piece arches and heads, masonry soffits, step treads and sign panels.

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Workman Precast has numerous systems available which include precast concrete mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) face panels and large precast modular blocks (PMB). For your next roadway wall, commercial retaining walls, residential retaining walls, or shore protection walls, Workman Precast has the solution for you!

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Precast concrete walls have become a popular and affordable way to enclose gated communities for developers, and we count some of the biggest as our customers, including Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes, KB Homes, DR Horton and K Hovnanian Homes.

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LHV Precast, Inc. is a supplier of: the Stone Strong® Retaining Wall System, precast modular block, and L-wall cantilever retaining walls. LHV provides engineered shop drawings for these systems, as well as, construction consulting services.


Marshalls CPM's BBA approved Redi-Rock™ modular wall system is an ingenious, space saving solution for the retention of earth for a wide range of retaining, force protection, landscaping and flood protection applications. Marshalls CPM produce high quality reinforced precast panels and L shape retaining walls, in a variety of sizes and …

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The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specializing in providing robust,innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry.Modular Precast delivers the world's most advanced 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system offering substantial benefits and savings …

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Explore Keystone. Keystone's History. Celebrating more than 30 years of industry leadership. Continue Reading. Get Inspired. Look to our photo gallery to spark your imagination. Continue Reading. Products. Explore our portfolio of retaining walls, pavers, patio stones and more. Continue Reading. Become A Keystone Producer.


Shop Drawing Procedures for Precast Structures and Modular Block Retaining Walls ES Policy # 1-02 Updated on 3-22-00 Page 2 engineer within five working days after the receipt of the s hop drawings.